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  • Acacia Mental Health

    Acacia is a Northern California-based outpatient practice specializing in innovative TMS treatments and research studies.

  • Bazucki Brain Research Fund

    The Bazucki Brain Research Fund supports research in bipolar disorder, including research in the emerging field of metabolic psychiatry.

  • Better Health Advisors

    Better Health Advisors provides care navigation services for complex healthcare situations.

  • Brightside

    Brightside is a psychiatrist-led company that offers high-quality insurance based psychiatric care and therapy via telehealth in all 50 states.

  • Center for Optimal Living

    Center for Optimal is a NY-based practice that specializes in an Integrative Harm Reduction psychotherapy approach to substance use disorders and also has a psychedelic education program.

  • Connections in Recovery

    Connections in Recovery specializes in scaffolding substance misuse and mental health recovery with its comprehensive nationwide and global network of recovery services.

  • Ellenhorn

    Ellenhorn is a private assertive community treatment program with teams in NYC, LA and Boston.

  • Emotions Matter

    Emotions Matter is a non-profit with a mission to support, education and advocate for people impacted by borderline personality disorder.

  • Family Connections

    The Family Connections Program is a free virtual course for people who are supporting someone with traits of Borderline Personality Disorder.

  • Little Otter

    Little Otter provides online, individualized mental health care for children ages 0-14 and their families.

  • McLean Hospital

    McLean Hospital, located in Massachusetts, is one of the world’s best psychiatric hospitals with highly specialized residential and inpatient programs.

  • Stanford University Brain Stimulation Lab

    Under the direction of Nolan Williams, the Brain Stimulation Lab is the home of the SNT protocol for treatment-resistant depression and other groundbreaking research projects.

  • Stella Centers

    The Stella Centers across the country are pioneers in offering Stellate Ganglion Blocks for PTSD.

  • Tara4BPD

    Tara4BPD is a non-profit that fosters education and advocacy in the field of personality disorder.

  • The Menninger Clinic

    The Menninger Clinic has some of the best inpatient, residential and outpatient mental health programs in the country, including a very strong Mentalization Based Treatment program and programs for adolescents and professionals.

  • The Motherhood Center

    The Motherhood Center of New York provides supportive services for new and expecting moms.

  • The Silver Hill Hospital

    For those living in the NYC/CT region, Silver Hill is an outstanding free-standing psychiatric hospital with a wide range of programming.

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